Carpet cleaning and re-stretching


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Carpet cleaning and re-stretching

Over time, your new carpet can become worn, stretched out, or even damaged, after years of wear and foot traffic, requiring carpet re-stretching or cleaning. In some cases, some of those damages can be rectified, with the proper professional avenues, giving you floors that offer years more lifespan afterward. Here are some re-stretching and carpet cleaning options for your consideration if your floors show their age to get a great-looking surface again.

Essential facts about re-stretching and carpet cleaning services

When carpets are in high-traffic areas, or if you have pets or children, they can stretch out over time. As a result, you'll see signs including bunching, balding, and heavily worn spaces, indicating a need for attention. Carpet cleaning services can help, but carpet re-stretching may be a necessity that serves you better.

If your floors are bunched but not yet worn out, re-stretching can give you several years of additional lifespan. Even after this service, you might still need to clean the areas to get the results you want and need. So, it's worth your time and attention for fresher, cleaner, and better-smelling floors that will serve you for years.

Another way to tell that cleaning services are necessary is by worn, matted surfaces that have withstood excessive wear. The right carpet cleaning service can breathe new life into these products in these areas. When we assess your floors, we'll discuss your fiber type, traffic levels, and options for products that both clean and protect these surfaces.

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When you visit us at NP Floors, you'll see that we offer an excellent inventory of materials, but we also provide services that bring your old floors back to life. In addition, we have more than 35 years of experience that help us to personalize your remodel to fit your specific requirements for any size project. So, as you speak with our staff about carpet stretching in Covington Township, PA, Blakeslee, PA, and other cities, you'll find that our locally owned and operated full-service flooring store is your one-stop flooring source. We also offer carpet cleaning and repairs.

Our showrooms are located in Covington Township, PA, and Blakeslee, PA, and serve residents from Covington Township, PA, Covington Township, PA, Gouldsboro, PA, Moscow, PA, Scranton, PA, and Tobyhanna, PA. When you're ready to experience having your floors brought back to life, we invite you to visit us at your convenience. We look forward to providing you with the best flooring and services, so stop by today and discuss your carpet cleaning and re-stretching needs.