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There are lots of reasons to choose waterproof flooring for your home. While many homeowners are unaware of many of those reasons, especially if they’ve never experienced them before, we are here to let you know how beneficial they can be to you and your household. While offering the protection you would expect from this product line, they also provide amazing durability and some of the most gorgeous appearance options available in flooring. But you’ll see that for yourself when you visit us.

NP Floors has more than 35 years of experience and is completely locally owned and operated. Our full-service approach means that we have all the materials, products, services, and experience you will ever need for your home’s needs. We proudly serve the areas of Blakeslee, PA, Covington Township, PA, Gouldsboro, PA, Moscow, PA, Scranton, PA, && Tobyhanna, PA, all from two showroom locations in Covington Township, PA, and Blakeslee, PA. We encourage you to visit us at your convenience so that we can assist you with all your flooring needs.

Why waterproof really makes a difference

You might think you only need waterproof flooring if there’s the danger of a flood. That’s a great time to have this flooring in place, but there can be many more reasons for installing the material. Consider, for a moment, the everyday activities that go on inside your home. Do you have pets or children? Are they involved in outdoor activities? Do you have frequent houseguests? Do you garden or do lots of outdoor activities?
Waterproof flooring in Blakeslee, PA from NP Floors
If the answer to any of these questions was “yes,” then you’re going to want to speak with one of our associates on how waterproof flooring can totally change your life. It not only protects your flooring but it also protects your peace of mind as well. And there’s no way to put a price tag on something like that. Even in damp, humid spaces like laundry rooms and basements, this flooring can be all it takes to remove any worry about impending water damage.

In addition to the added protection that is unrivaled in the industry today, waterproof flooring offers a wide variety of appearance options too. Choose from materials that mimic all-natural floor coverings like stone and wood, or choose something with a much more artistic flair for a truly unique and personalized look. No matter what your decor style, you’ll have a great time choosing the perfect accompaniment from our line of waterproof flooring.

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