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Love your carpet for many years to come, and how

If you’ve ever experienced carpet flooring in your own home before, you probably know the lifespan can be lengthy. Of course, certain factors determine the specific length of life, such as backing material, denseness, cut, and fiber options, just to name a few. The more high-quality the materials are that are used to create the floor covering, the longer they will last. However, there are some other ways to meet this need as well, and we’ll be happy to tell you a little bit more about that.

At NP Floors, our more than 35 years of industry experience really come in handy for you. With a wonderful selection of floor coverings, materials, and services, you’re sure to get exactly what you need and even more. Our associates are trained, friendly, and they stand ready to assist you when you visit either of our showrooms in Covington Township, PA, or Blakeslee, PA. From those two locations, we serve the communities of Covington Township, PA, Covington Township, PA, Gouldsboro, PA, Moscow, PA, Scranton, PA, && Tobyhanna, PA. We look just as forward to serving you too.

Carpet could be everything you need

For lots of situations, carpet could be the missing material in getting that perfect look, feel, and functionality for your home. Of course, it provides amazing appearance options. Not only do you have the option of choosing from a wealth of solid colors and designs, but in some brands, even the fibers themselves create a specific look with various lengths, twists, and design patterns. This is such an easy way to match your decor, you’ll love the options you find available.
Luxury carpet in Covington Township, PA from NP Floors
Carpet has plenty of other benefits though. For instance, you’ll have a noticeably warmer home once this material is in place. It acts as a kind of insulation, along with whichever underpadding you choose, to retain much of the heat your home makes in the winter. You’ll even see the difference reflected in your bill when it arrives. That same insulative factor can also help reduce noise levels in your home, especially between levels, which can be a real blessing with children in the home.

Make sure to ask about the importance of a professional installation after you’ve chosen your favorite carpet. While installing it yourself might be tempting with regard to saving money, there are reasons that make risking it not worth the chance.

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