Hardwood cleaning and refinishing


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Hardwood cleaning and refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing and cleaning are critical to ensure the best lifespan, which can exceed 100 years with professional installation. It also brings many other benefits that will serve you for visual appeal and safety, giving you decades of enjoyment with your wood floors. If you’re dealing with surfaces that need a pick-me-up of any kind, we’re here to ensure results that look like new flooring, and here are some facts to help.

What are your hardwood needs?

Sometimes, a simple hardwood refinishing service isn’t the only thing necessary to keep your floors looking and performing their best. Hardwood repair could be required before refinishing can begin, and it only takes a few simple assessments to find out which repairs you need. Necessities are possible in the subflooring and the hardwood itself, including board replacement if the damage is bad enough.

Other repairs could include filling in gaps, deep gouges or dents, and adding or changing your baseboards or transitions. Once this work is done, you can move on to the hardwood floor refinishing process to achieve your favorite colors or textures. Some homeowners choose the exact look they had before sanding floors, and some change it altogether.

Deep hardwood cleaning is always important

You may hear that deep cleaning is necessary before any hardwood repair or refinishing takes place. You might also hear there's no point in cleaning until the stain color and finish are added to your newly sanded floors. You may need to do some form of deep cleaning at both times to ensure results that last and give you the results you want and need.

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NP Floors is an excellent place for hardwood floor refinishing and services, no matter how large or small your project is. We work with you to customize your experience and fit your requirements for results that make sense for your household. So, share your needs with us, and we'll work on solutions to bring your floors back to a like-new look.

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