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Hardwood flooring offers beauty in the options

If you’ve seen hardwood flooring in other homes and commercial establishments, but never experienced it for yourself, you might not realize the expanse of options you have in truly making this flooring your own. You get all the elegance, all the satisfaction, and all the benefits it has to offer, whether you know about them or not. But it’s certainly better to have an idea. For instance, the stunning good looks meld with any decor, even with various stain color options, and the lifespan means you won’t have to replace this floor covering. And that’s only the beginning.

NP Floors is proud to offer extensive options such as a wide variety of high-quality floor coverings, excellent consultation, design, and installation services, and even emergency flood services, should you find that you need them. We have two showrooms, located in Covington Township, PA, and Blakeslee, PA. From those locations, we serve the areas of Covington Township, PA, Covington Township, PA, Gouldsboro, PA, Moscow, PA, Scranton, PA, && Tobyhanna, PA. It would be an honor to also serve you, so visit today.

When only hardwood flooring will do

Solid hardwood flooring offers some of the best benefits in flooring, including a lifespan that can easily reach 100 years with proper maintenance and care, and sometimes much longer. This is never as true as with some of the hardest species such as oak and cherry. The harder the species, the more everyday wear it can stand up to, which makes them excellent options for the busiest households. Softer woods are available but perform better in spaces with little to no traffic. Your flooring associate will help you make sure you have the perfect species.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Blakeslee, PA from NP Floors
Engineered hardwood flooring is another option for solid hardwood, especially if you have spaces where the solid variety simply will not do. For instance, below-grade spaces will never allow solid wood, but engineered flooring is much more forgiving in these situations. Since engineered is less likely to react to changes in humidity or temperature, it’s also less likely to expand, contract, buckle, or warp. This makes it perfect for many different areas of your home.

Hardwood flooring is another material that must have the attention of a professional installation team. They have the special tools and years of experience to make sure novice mistakes don’t stand between you and your perfect flooring. Your associate can share all the pertinent details.

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